Carlos Sousa, Lda is a portuguese family company founded in 1981.

In 2012 it was made a splitting and the industrial activity moved to a new company named Carlos Sousa - Indústria, Lda.

Carlos Sousa - Indústria, Lda is therefore a company with a wide experience in the field of trimmings, lifting straps, cargo lashings and it is certified according to ISO 9001.

One of its prime aims is the total satisfaction through the quality of its products, but also the relationship of trust, proximity and good relationship with clientes, employees, suppliers and partners.

Therefore the main objectives of Carlos Sousa - Indústria, Lda are:

-Meeting our clientes requirements as quickly as possible

- Playing a compatitive role in the market

- Adopting a policy of good relations with clientes, employees, suppliers as well as partners

- Continual improvement